Monday, May 23, 2011

Skirting the Issues

I am a terrible blogger. And a self-proclaimed Facebook Failure. Really. I receive hate mail from Facebook for having neglected my "friends" for so long. But truthfully, if I have 30 minutes to myself in which I might actually be able to form coherent sentences, I find a hundred other things to do with that 30 minutes instead of blog. (to be fair, I usually find a hundred other things that need to be done in that 30 minutes, find myself to be totally overwhelmed at the prospect of so much unfinished business that I spend the 30 minutes wandering aimlessly from room to room bemoaning the state of my home.)

Regardless, I've (re)vowed to post hear more frequently.

(crickets chirping)

For real.

To that end, I've committed myself to a sewing competition. Because nothing instills a desire to blog like the opportunity to detail one's failings at yet another endeavor. Uplifting, no?

I'll be joining these lovely ladies for this exciting adventure.

Wish me luck! I know you'll be holding your breath....