Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cheaters Sometimes Prosper, but Elephants Never Do Forget.

It's only March, and my New Year's resolutions are out the window. I vowed to post here at least once a month.... Ahem. In my defense, I made that resolution during a state of New Year's delusion. We had just moved into our new house, and I was filled with the spirit of enthusiasm and possibility. Then we started unpacking....

However, I am keeping one of my other resolutions -- to get some shtuff made! Here are the *new* curtains I made for the littlest one's room.

I feel the need to qualify the *new* part because I really just added the front panels to an existing set of yellow gingham curtains.

The yellow served us well in our last home, but I was ready for a change. And I have a secret obsession with elephants. So when I discovered this crib quilt duvet at IKEA -- way back when I was still pregnant with the littlest one, and I could justify nearly any purchase as "for the baby" -- it had to come home with me. (To clarify: the elephant duvet came home with me that day. The baby came later.) Of course, only the worst of mothers actually uses a quilt in the baby's crib (intake of breath loaded with shock and horror) so it needed another function. Viola. Curtains.

But of course, I used the old curtains as my lining/tab top/pattern/get it done quickly and hang them up already! So I cheated, but still prospered. Sort of. Sometimes, in the early morning hours when I go in to pick up the baby, I wonder if those sweet little elephants aren't quietly judging me. You know what they say about elephants.....

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