Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nice Blocks, Baby.

I finally got around to finishing two sets of baby blocks for two sweet nephews. Just in time for their first semesters of college.... only kidding. They're 9 mos and 7 mos old. Just the right age for fabric blocks. It's as if I planned it that way instead of procrastinated it that way. Sigh.
For those visiting to find my doorstop tutorial, these blocks are assembled in much the same fashion.

The main differences are; I use coordinating fabrics, do all the applique work before assembly, eliminate the hook and loop closure, and finish the last few inches by hand. Easy, right? Someday, I'll put together a "companion tutorial" for the blocks and link it to the doorstop tutorial. Until that day, this site has a great tutorial (it's where I first learned how to make blocks) which should help you sort it out!

One block in each set has a bell inside. Note: I put a regular 2" jingle bell inside an empty film canister -- remember those?!?! If you punch some holes in the film canister, drop in the bell, put the lid back on and enclose the canister inside the stuffing of your block, you'll actually be able to hear the sound of the bell when you shake the block. Instead of hearing some sad muffled sound slightly reminiscent of a bell sound drowned out by wads of fiberfill... not that I have any experience with such things. I did also discover that the empty wrapper from the baby wipes (the crinkly sleeve the refill wipes are packaged in for restocking the hard plastic wipes container) makes a perfect addition to a couple of blocks. Because, let's be honest, the empty wipes wrapper is truly a baby's favorite non-safety-approved-and-therefore-enjoyable toy.

Thanks to those who have used the doorstop tutorial and shared your successes. It is totally crazy to learn that people "across the pond" are using and enjoying the instructions.... you've made my month!



These are lovely!! - Pootleflump x

Gretchen said...

oh my word the fish!!! Come on! How freakin' cute is that?!?!?! great work babes! When are you going to craft with me by the way?!?!?!
!!!!!!!!!!!!Just because it seems as though I'm in a !!!!!!! mood