Thursday, July 14, 2011

Every Heart Beats True

I didn't get the skirts done in time for the contest, but I did get them done in time for our Fourth of July celebration! Here's how it went down.

He: bought and assembled a grill with minimal swearing.
She: sewed three patriotic skirts with a moderate amount of swearing.
We: grilled a delicious marinated flank steak with only celebratory swearing.

Two out of three girls went with their Dad to see the fire works. Tater and I stayed home where she spent the hour shushing the "works." Awesome.

And lest you think all our photo sessions produce such sweet results....

And here's what the littlest does while you're corralling the two older sisters.

She harvests veggies that needn't yet be harvested. (And gets bitten square on the forehead by a nasty mosquito. Silly me -- I forgot to spray DEET directly into her face. )

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Thrift Store Mama said...

As I live and breathe . . .
Love the skirts.